In This Issue

By Dave E

Originally published in EUG #04

As you may or may not know, although you are indeed reading the fourth issue of the EUG magazine, it did not originally materialise on a disk format but consisted of sheets of photocopied A4 paper; it was not until the ninth issue that EUG suddenly became the disk-based magazine we all know and love.

However, to save new members of the User Group needing to type in (and debug!) all the program listings of EUGs #0 to #8 (not to mention have a complete disk-based EUG 'collection'!), this issue was re-created on disk in the year 2000. With the Menu System and this Contents page being the only additions, its content may be a little thin. Be assured though that nothing has been omitted that did not appear in the original paper magazine.


Another bumper crop of articles dedicated to Electron computing featuring an alternative printer driver, news on the Electron software industry, more hardware projects, hints in programming and a printer comparison. Check out the editorials in The Bits At The Front and back too!


Another pile of feedback, requests for help and suggestions for improvement from our observant readers.


Christian Weber looks at Blue Ribbon's new Balloon Buster while Derek Walker surveys the latest hardware expansion from Jafa Systems.


Howard Guppy submits a wealth of helpful type-ins to unlock files and disable the *TAPE command. Ray Thomas tests the speed of your printer.


An opening screen of the original A5 format cover. EUG #4 was originally the first paper-based EUG in an A5 format, produced with Stop Press 64.

See "Elk Entertainment" for cheats and solutions galore!

You will find a number of images on the disk which appeared in the original paper-based EUG #4. The clipart images (the man in a suit and the printer spewing out some paper) come from the BBC PD disk OFFICE CLIPART (BBC-23), available from and EUG HQ. The Will Watts Images are original designs re-created for this disk-based release.