Help For "Thickies"

By B. Moore

Originally published in EUG #04

Thanks for the mags. I have enjoyed reading them and have tried out a few of the programs listed. Is there any chance of printing a "Subroutine Structure" with the listings so 'thickies' like me can try to make head or tail of them?

Can anybody tell me how to get past the dragon in The Last Ninja on level one?

Barry Moore

The solution to the first three levels of The Last Ninja can be found in Christian Weber's "Elk Entertainment" column in this issue. By the way Barry, I don't believe for one moment that you are a 'thickie'! Very few people can look at a program listing and work out what's going on. Your suggestion is a good one and I for one will try to remember to put explanatory REM lines in my programs in future - programmers take heed!

Will Watts, EUG #04