Book Info Wanted

By R. Haughey

Originally published in EUG #04

You might like to know that I find the mag very useful and good value and as it would seem that you are the editorial team, you're doing a great job, keep it up!

I wonder if you might be able to help me. I recently got hold of a tape called The Electron Tape: Basic, Sound & Graphics by Jim McGregor and Alan Watt, by the Addison-Wesley Publishing Company and have not got the book with the same title to go with it. Have you any ideas where I might be able to get the said book? Could you please put a small ad in the mag? Thanks.

R. C. Haughey

I'm glad to hear you're finding EUG useful. I'm sure you'd like to join me in thanking everyone who has made contributions so far and also in saying "Keep it up!" to them! You can bet your boots that the book you're looking for is no longer available as new, but it may turn up on the Elk Exchange pages in the future, or someone may have a copy already which you could buy or borrow. Failing that, why not try your local library?

On a recent visit to my 'local', I spent a couple of hours at the database system and listed over seventy books with the words "Electron computer" in the title! And, yes, the one you're looking for was there! The nice lady at the information desk told me that as it was on the database, it could be ordered for other areas outside Essex although you may have to wait a while for the book to filter through the system. You might like to consider this as a last resort.

Will Watts, EUG #4