Dot Dot Dot Dash Dash Dash

By Howard Guppy

Originally published in EUG #04

Do any of your readers know of an address for G.O.C. software? They wrote a morse code program for the Beeb some years ago and, to cut a long story short, when I finally managed to get the program loaded into my Elk in Mode 6, the listing alone left a mere 17 bytes of RAM free. Obviously not enough room to run this program.

A lot of scissorwork (shortening variable names, removing all the spaces etc) and finally cutting out a large piece of unusable (on the Elk) code, left me with enough RAM for the thing to actually run. However, I cannot let anyone in on this good fortune without permission from G.O.C. as I believe it would still be covered by copyright.

I also need a copy of the CAD program from Electron User called Rainbow, preferably a copy from the free tape. My version (typed in from EU) was bugged and although I did get it working I have since upgraded the program substantially. To enable me to do comparison checks and then provide you with the relevant extra lines, I need a known perfect copy.

I would also be interested to know if anyone else who typed in the listing had any problems getting it running. Is Beebug still being produced and if so by whom?

Howard Guppy ("Howie The Hack")

Thanks for all the other bits and bobs you sent with your letter. I will try to fit them all in over a period of time. Can people help Howard with a copy of G.O.C.'s address and a copy of Rainbow?

Beebug Ltd can be found at:

      117 Hatfield Road
      St. Albans
      HERTS AL1 4JS

But they're very Arc orientated these days!

Will Watts, EUG #04