What's Wrong?

By Greg German & Chris Chadwick

Originally published in EUG #04

I was delighted to see the article by Thomas Boustead - Using View With Tape - as that was just what I was looking for. But my joy turned to disappointment as I just could not get it to function. I use disk and I followed the instructions very carefully, but to no avail. I tried everything conceivable permutation of "Pad character" and printer control codes and even tried loading it in View as Printer Driver.

I checked the program very carefully to see if there were any errors and checked yet again. When RUN, it responds as described in the article but just does not produce the highlights at the printing phase. I have used the control codes as listed and others and these work if I program them directly to the printer, but do not work via the listed program.

Thinking that it may only work from tape, I removed the disk system and again followed the instructions to the letter, but still no success. Can you or Mister Boustead offer any help, or is he going to elaborate further in future articles?

Has everybody else been blessed with success from this article? If so, what am I doing wrong? Hoping for some assistance.

G. S. German