Elk Entertainment 02

By Christian Weber

Originally published in EUG #04


Some good news, bad news and in-between news on the software front this issue. As we all know, Tynesoft went down the tube a few years ago and many great games were lost...until now! Tynesoft's budget label, Micro Value, has re-released Summer Olympiad, Rodeo Games and Winter Olympiad. All three retail at about £2.99 (although Rodeo Games cost me £3.99).

Apart from my local supplier I don't know where they are available from, so sound out suppliers in your own area and try mail order. Of course, if anyone has the address of Micro Value, please write in!

I've had a recent communication from Atlantis Software. Bad news, I'm afraid - it looks like Hobgoblin 2 (reviewed in EUG #3) will be their last release for the Elk. The reason is simply that not enough people buy games for the Elk to make releasing them profitable - something I think we will hear more and more of these days. However, they still stock seventeen titles for the Elk and can be contacted at:

28 Station Road

Write to check the title you want is in stock before sending any money. (And include an SAE!!)

Elsewhere on this disk you'll find a table of the Atlantis titles still available along with the price, game type and an overall percentage - if I've played the game, as well as a review of Blue Ribbon's latest release, Balloon Buster.

The Last Ninja, Superior/Acornsoft

Although old now (and re-released on budget by Blue Ribbon), it's amazing how much trouble it seems to cause people! So, to stop any more hair being pulled out in frustration, here's how to complete levels one to three. (The final three will be given in EUG #5!)

Basic Hints
Apart from making sure you have collected every object on each level, there is only one other piece of advice - don't run out of smoke bombs or Shuriken Stars. When you are down to your last shop, stop using them! To regain them all again, commit suicide (SHIFT and ESCAPE) after the next level has loaded. You'll really need them on levels four to six to kill the guards.

Level 1 - The Wilderness
Weapons on level: Smoke Bombs, Sword, Nunchuks and Shuriken Stars.
Collect all of the above and face the dragon. To defeat the dragon, call up the Smoke Bombs and hit it with them exactly between the eyes: very tricky at first, but once you've done it, the dragon will go back into its cave allowing you to pass and get on to level 2.

Level 2 - The Wastelands
Weapons on level: Stick. Objects on level: Claw and Glove.
Collect the Claw which will then allow you to climb up and down the cliff face. You must then jump over the black stepping stones to collect the Glove and the Ninja Magic (which is hidden in a rock). Armed with the Ninja Magic, make your way back over the stones and keep going until you find the Stick. You should then find the end of the level guarded by two Stone Dragons, but as you've got the Ninja Magic you should be able to run past them and complete the level. Without the Ninja Magic, you will be fried by the second Stone Dragon.

Level 3 - The Palace Gardens
Objects on level: Talisman and Rose.
Collect the Talisman from the ruined shrine and make your way to the Rose. To pick the Rose make sure you are wearing the Glove otherwise you'll meet a prickly end! At the end of the level you need to call up the Talisman and you should find yourself on a screen with a Fountain and Statue on it. Holding the Talisman, walk up to the Statue. After kneeling down (praying), you can now make your way up to level four...the Dungeons!


Hobgoblin, Atlantis

After EUG #3's review of Hobgoblin 2, I thought I might as well pass on the cheat for the original game, so here it is:

Once in the game, press pause then hold down CTRL and L. Each time you do this you will be given an extra life. (The most I've been greedy enough to award myself is 80!)

Well, that's the end of another column. See ya next issue! Don't forget to send in any cheats, maps, problems, etc. You will be credited!

Christian Weber, EUG #4