Invisible !BOOT

By Richard Dimond

Originally published in EUG #22

Since submitting my idea for an invisible !BOOT file, I have made up a program that will convert any normal !BOOT file. I am all for making the computer do all the work!

All you need to do is to LOAD this program and then, when you have inserted (and *MOUNTed your disk if necessary) with the normal !BOOT file on it, RUN the program. The !BOOT file will then be converted and SAVEd (as described last issue).

Here's how it works:

Lines 60 - 80 load the first 12 bytes to &3000,

the !BOOT file is then LOADed to &300C,

the M/code routine uses OSFILE to find the length of the original file,

line 120 calculates the address of the final CR character, and

this is replaced at line 1330 and SAVEd at line 140.

Note that the four bytes in lines 60 and 130 are in reverse order as the computer enters these with the low byte first.

Richard Dimond, EUG #22