HeadFirst Closing Down

By James Treadwell

Originally published in EUG #22

Unfortunately I write to tell you that HeadFirst PD is no more.

With increased commitments, wonky Electrons and buying Archimedes, there was little point in carrying on. However, may I take this opportunity to thank everybody who contributed to the PD library and also to those people who purchased PD from us.

I have submitted some of the HeadFirst stuff for inclusion into EUG and I am also selling a large number of Elk tape games and hardware. Come on, get your chequebooks out! I'm a poor student and I need the money!

All the best with EUG for the future.

James Treadwell

It's a depressing state of affairs to see a hopeful Electron supplier disappearing - especially when the programs it produced were so good. James actually wrote to me in time for EUG #21 and the majority of the programs he refers to - the Repton Infinity files, the Oxo game and all the COPYing UTILITIES were included last issue.

This issue contains Uno, a conversion of the celebrated card game (by Gareth Boden) and Squares, the classic school classroom distraction (by James Treadwell himself).

Full documentation to the former is included on this disk. Perhaps we will also receive further submissions from the HeadFirst archives!(?)

Gus Donnachaidh, EUG #22