Watford Troubles

By Paul Devonport

Originally published in EUG #22

When I last spoke to Gus, I couldn't think of the name of the other DFS system I have. It's Addcomm.

I have removed the Watford DFS and plugged in the AMCOM one. However I still have no joy !booting the micro with SHIFT-BREAK.

I tried the routine *OPT 4 3 (RETURN) and *. but still no result.

However, I then disconnected the twin Watford disk drives and connected a CDC 9429 Shugart Disk Drive that I bought from B & H Micro Systems in November 1986. SHIFT-BREAK. On came EUG. It all worked and I didn't have to use any OSCLI commands at all. And I had a jolly good read.

This Saturday, I will take delivery of an Electron in full working order, a Rombox, PSU, leads, manual, data recorder and 24 tapes. A Seikosha GP 100A dot matrix printer too! I am looking forward to it!

Can members help if I run into problems with it?

Paul Devonport

Certainly good news about the disk drives. The more I hear about the Watford Disk System, the more I don't like it. Maybe someone with some experience with Watford can shed some light on all the problems.

I will be happy to help with your new Electron but I think you will not have any problem with your experience.

Gus Donnachaidh, EUG #22