Suspended Electrons

By Nick Walker

Originally published in EUG #22

Do any users have trouble with ULAs? (No, not a medical complaint!)

I remember reading in Electron User (in the dim and distant past) that ULA trouble is a common fault.

My problem is best described as being that the Elk works perfectly ok for about three to four weeks but then occasionally "hangs up" when I'm working and emits a continuous beeping tone. If it is then turned on and off, it just shows a bright yellow screen! (Why yellow I'm not sure!) It will then not "start" properly no matter how many times you turn it on and off. Hitting it with a 7lb hammer doesn't help either!

I have found the only cure for this little sickness is to remove the ULA chip from its spring carrier and wiggle it about in the socket. But it only seems to do the trick for another four weeks then the problems start all over again!

I presume it is a bad connection in the chip socket - which only manifests itself over time.

If there are any other users with similar problems, this little tip may provide a temporary cure. My question is "Do any users have this trouble and have they found a permanent solution?"

I will sign off now before the screen goes bright yellow. Beeeeeeeepp!

PS. Does anyone know if Slogger or Pres are still trading? If so, what are their addresses? I seem to have lost them! How about a 'Useful Addresses' section, like the one on the paper EUG magazines?

Nick Walker

There is a file on this disk regarding computer problems. Slogger and Pres are still around but getting equipment from them is virtually impossible. They ignore any letters and telephone calls to them are just met with answering machines. The last address section was in EUG #17.

Gus Donnachaidh, EUG #22