Beebug Issue Trade

By Mike Olive

Originally published in EUG #22

Can anyone suggest where I could obtain copies of some of the Beebug magazines and disks missing from my collection? Also, a possible source of the teletext ROM for driving the BBC teletext adaptor? I have all of the Acorn User and Micro User magazines myself if anyone wants anything from any of them in exchange.

PS. I have been out of contact for a while but please send me some of the recent disks in return for the cheque I sent for membership. I will leave the choice of disks to you. Choose the most useful or interesting.

Mike Olive

You are the second person in a fortnight to want past EUGs. Both doubted whether all EUGs were of the same standard of quality. To enlighten you, him and any other doubters out there: All EUGs are good; masterpieces of programming and literary content and each has its own variant of English spelling.

You will probably be inundated with requests for information from the magazine back issues. If anyone needs a few photocopies, write here and I will pass the request on until I have got permission from Mike to republish his address.

Gus Donnachaidh, EUG #22