Do Pres Care?

By Alan Richardson

Originally published in EUG #22

I have just received EUG #21 and many thanks. A great effort!

I wonder if you or any member can help with a query concerning Pres? A fellow Electron owner acquired a PLUSCOM 40 and an AP3/4. As both were faulty, he wrote to Slogger and Pres. Slogger, after locating a working master, sent us a working copy at a cost (which is understandable). However, although I have offered payment using my Visa card, I haven't had any response from Pres. The AP3/4 appears to have a ROM missing. I have even rung and left a message on the answering machine after a message that referred to ACP. The telephone number I have is 44-1256-56666.

In the past I have had good service from Pres, having bought several of their products. The AP3/4 does not respond to a call for the DFS and the centre socket is empty. The right one holds the WD1770 chip with the makings "Japan 8703", "HM6264LP-15", "UO422TTO". I am told that there are several versions of DFS and it is probably necessary to have the correct one for the AP3/4. I am assuming that the centre socket is for the DFS chip.

Could any member help with information and possibly a ROM image of the correct version. Or is it possible for someone out there to get a response from Pres?

Alan Richardson

I have said this before but it is now increasingly difficult to get any spares for the BBC or Electron. Companies that used to sell Elk products for £50 now want to sell PC stuff for £500. So many BBC and Electron supplies are ending up in somebody's shed or rubbish bin. It's sad there are people who want things and other people who want rid of them.

I hope someone can help you with information on this ROM. I remember that the AP3/4 did have an extra ROM socket - but I might be wrong. If any members have an AP3/4 or experience of them, can they contact EUG with advice or experience?

I will try one last time to contact Pres but I think that what we, as the Electron User Group, need to do is to try as far as possible to help one another.

Gus Donnachaidh, EUG #22