Magic Square

By HeadFirst PD

Originally published in EUG #50

Use Z, X, : and / to move the arrows around to select a row/column to alter. Use the cursor keys to scroll columns or rows within themselves. The object is to make every row, column and diagonal add up to 15.

Current totals are shown next to their respective constituents.

Gareth Boden

This puzzle was submitted by Alan Richardson along with a paper-based catalogue showing the goodies HeadFirst PD used to offer for the Electron. Unfortunately, none of the disks in it are still available but I understand many 1993 members of the User Group dabbled in the Electron PD market too. If anyone has any of the Electron HeadFirst PD disks besides E001, E010 and E011 [And the EUG taster one of course - Ed], they can extend their subscription to the magazine free by submitting them. The same is applicable to the Elk PD disks.

Dave E, EUG #50