Order Your Boards

By Robert Sprowson

Originally published in EUG #50

Hi all! This month you'll find circuit diagrams and software on the EUG disk with which you can build a 8 megabyte RAM disk for your BBC. More details are given in my Article [selected from the Articles Menu - Ed]. You'll also find a utility for transferring to ROM, "RFS" and the manual to accompany it.

I suspect with the former though, that most of you will stick around the 256kB or 512kB mark as I certainly don't have 8Mb worth of BBC Micro software that I need all at once...

For those who don't feel up to laying out the parts and soldering them together like I did with the prototype, it is possible for me to do a small batch of ready-made ones. Any interest?

I think one of the following two would be appropriate. Note that I haven't included the amount of RAM in my calculations, as this is up the end user. (The RAM is easily available from companies like Farnell anyway.)

  1. a fully assembled printed circuit board with space for RAM chips approx 35 + RAM chips
  2. just the printed circuit board which you then assemble yourself approx 10 + you'll need to source *all* the other parts

I've found a better PCB manufacturer than the saga I had when trying to make some Master cartridge slot ROM boards - but there's still a setup charge so the more boards I order, the more that setup cost gets spread out. Please let me know if you're potentially interested in the above. In the meantime, as always, happy soldering!

Robert Sprowson
Email: info@sprow.co.uk
EUG #50