Funny Bones

By Jeremy Grayson

Originally published in EUG #50

I avidly watched the Bones Demo on EUG #49 and noted that it contained entirely different text than the original one sent to Acorn User around May 1984. If I'm correct in assuming it was swiped from the Let's Compute # 1 disk then you should know that Mike Goldberg, um, sanitised it for the young audience. The original has "SHIT!" instead of "Eh?!" and "Suck it!" instead of "Now What?".

The original authors were MRM Software and both Bones and another demo [Which you'll find on this disk! - Ed] called Nutter were the evil brainchildren of their mainstay programmer Mike Williams. As it was only written in BASIC of course it's not hard to see how someone else could easily put his name to it.

I recall another demo was released a few months afterwards too and the three did the rounds on a disk called The Sicksoft Collection for a while. I recall that it was called Yossa and featured a Bernard Hill lookalike re-enacting the "Don't you but(t) me!" incident with a policeman out of Boys From The Blackstuff.

Jeremy Grayson

Very interesting. Another demo added to my list of "Things We Need To Find".

Dave E, EUG #50