Wrong Format Disk

By Mark Bellis

Originally published in EUG #50

My Master 128 will only read track 0 on EUG #49 ADFS (FDrive=2). I tried other values of FDrive to no avail. A 40 TPI disk should only be used in 40 Track format per side! Perhaps this is the problem. ADFS M format is 80T Single Sided.

Please send a disk that works.

Note that I am producing some new levels for Chuckie Egg. More soon!

Mark Bellis

There were impressions to the upper of your 5.25" disk, probably caused by the franking machine at the Post Office. Even though disks are pushed as far down in the envelopes as they will go, the occasional accident of this type is inevitable.

ADFS disks are compiled in the M format as this is that of the most popular Electron Plus 3. As you haven't had problems before with running EUG issues on your Master 128, then this adds to any suspicion that the damage to the disk is to blame for its failure to load. Also, I !BOOT up all disks despatched to test they display the loading picture before they are despatched.

You will have received a new EUG #49 before you read this.

Dave E, EUG #50