By Richard Dimond

Originally published in EUG #50

I must apologise for a rather glaring error in my last letter to EUG - due to my haste in getting it off! The VDU command in line 400 of my suggested improvement to the PRINT program should have read VDU22,3 to set to MODE 3; VDU3 simply turns off the printer so no wonder our Editor couldn't get it working!! I must have either deleted the 22 or my Master had not responded and I hadn't realised. Also, I had not thought to alter the TYPE program which still printed out in 40 column printing.

I have now carefully examined both the PRINT and TYPE programs and have made several small changes to remove some unnecessary variables and to improve the 40 column printing. I hope all is well now.

I have also included a patience program I have made up. This is not perhaps one of my best programs as, to make this up as quickly as I could, I have used some routines from my earlier program Beleagured Castle and the display is rather full - I need smaller cards!!

It's an easy game to play though it's difficult to complete. I have included brief instructions.

Richard Dimond
5 Briary Court, Sidcup, Kent DA14 6HZ

Richard's amended routines do actually work now so this and previous EUG issues have swiftly had the business done to them. Have a try with his Black Hole patience game - it's exactly as he describes!

Dave E, EUG #50