Solidarity For A BBC Owner

By Derek Evans

Originally published in EUG #50

I'm another new reader just getting into 8 bit computers and own precious little for my BBC Micro so far apart from the previous four EUG issues (#46-#49 - All very good!) and a few Acornsoft educational titles.

I am looking for more stuff and would also be interested in swapping ideas or writing to any members of the Electron User Group in Telford, Stafford, Stone, Stoke-on-Trent or within reasonable vicinity of me.

Something I would like to see is a BBC version of the classic Solitaire puzzle but our editor informs me that there has never been a version published in EUG and I can't get the one from Electron User Vol 5 No 10 to work. If anyone has this game on tape or disk, could they please send me a copy? I am also looking for any software about Psychometric Tests as I am doing a GCSE Psychology course.

Derek F. Evans

Scouting around the archives has turned up a BBC-compatible version of Solitaire now but it's - ahem - not brilliant. Why not submit an alternate version for inclusion on EUG #51?

Dave E, EUG #50