By David Griffin

Originally published in EUG #74

Dingbat is an unreleased BBC Micro/Electron game from David Griffin and was recently unearthed by Michael Brown (over on the Stairway To Hell forums). Its opening screen suggests that it was originally intended to be released by Doctorsoft.

The "Dingbat" character is stranded on a hostile island and must survive by absorbing the energy blobs which sprout at random on the surface.

Deflectors obstruct his path and each time he changes direction, a new one is spontaneously generated.

There are ten blobs per screen.

Warning: Your score is decreased on hitting a wall.

The game is over when either your score or your energy runs out.

Game Controls

< - Rotate 90° Anticlockwise, > - Rotate 90° Clockwise
ESCAPE - Reset Skill Level