Pacmania Theme

By Tom Walker

Originally published in EUG #74

This is our third BBC Music demo which couples one of Tom Walker's (reasonably) new conversions from the Atari ST with a snazzy loading screen. The Pacmania Music Demo follows the familiar format. However, because the music is extremely complex, you will need a BBC B with Sideways RAM, or a Master 128, to be able to fully experience this demo. It will not work at all on the Electron.

I recall a letter to Electron User back in the day when a reader bemoaned the fact that the Pacmania game was never released for the BBC/Electron. I recall he got a snappy reply saying the 3D game was probably too complicated to implement. Then a few months later, out came Perplexity which used the exact same 3D world - and was actually even more complicated than Pacmania. Those of you who feel nostalgic for Pac Man's 3D adventures could do worse than check this game out instead...!