By Nicholas Jameson

Originally published in EUG #74

On this issue's companion disc, you will find two Juggling demos by Nicholas Jameson. You may remember Nicholas' bat and ball game Spinning Frustration from Electron User, and these demos continue his tradition of producing compact, and incredibly smooth-scrolling, machine code. The first demo, JUG5, is the more impressive and runs on a BBC Model B or Master 128. This is also illustrated in animated GIF form (above) and can be seen in AVI format over at YouTube.

The second demo, JUGSING is monochrome and illustrates the same juggling principles but runs on both the Electron and BBC Micro. You can change the number of balls to 3, 4 or 5 by pressing the appropriate number key as it is running. JUGSING is written in a combination of BBC BASIC (which calculates the trajectories of balls and hands) and machine code.

Nicholas has his own web pages too over at nojameson.net.

We originally found these demos looking for the BBC Micro Juggler Demo which was briefly shown in the movie Micro Men. Does anyone know if any copies of the Juggler Demo are doing the rounds in cyberspace?