By The Micro User

Originally published in EUG #74

Go left from your starting position and collect the cellar key. Drop it in the room outside the lift. Take the match from level two and use it to light the candle on level four. Take the candle down to level eight and leave it there. Go back to level four and collect the key. Take it down to level eight and open the door at the top of the stairs.

Go up to level six and go left until you find the oil can. Take care not to fall through to level seven or you will have to restart the game. Pick up the oil can and return to level eight. Go across to the faulty droid and use the oil can. This causes it to jump up, allowing you through to the next section of level eight. Return to the lift.

Go up to level five and get the letter N. This is one of four letters that make up a code to lower the castle's drawbridge - located on level seven. Go to the drawbridge and use the letter. Repeat for the O on level three and the D on level six.

Get the red key from level eight and use it to open the door on level four - in the room where you found the cellar key. Go through to the next room and jump up onto the brick ledge. You will find that the room immediately to the left has no roof. Jump up to find two more rooms. Take the yellow key at the top right-hand corner of this first screen. On the second screen, immediately to the left of the first, you will find the Queen - come back to her later.

Drop back down to the main section of level four and head left. You will find a chicken at the top of the stairs, which you can eat at any time to restore your energy level to maximum. Take the key up to level one and open the yellow door. Go down to level two, collect the wine and return to level one.

Go through the main section of level one and up on to the roof, vaulting over the Craftsman on the way. There you will find the Guard: Give him the wine and he'll disappear, leaving a clear path to the letter W. Take it down to level seven and lower the drawbridge.

Take the empty bucket from your starting location on level four and fill it up from the well on the far side of level seven. Take it up to level three where you will find a room - the fifth from the lift - with three plant pots on the ground. The middle one is actually a beanstalk: Use the bucket of water to make it grow. Go back down to level seven and get the green key. Take it up to level three and open the door in the room past the beanstalk.

Go through and you will come to the Sad Wizard. Take the broken wand lying next to his cauldron and give it to the Craftsman on level one. Take it back and you will find that you are now carrying a fixed wand.

When you give it back to the Wizard, he will reward you with a stop spell. Take this down to level five, drop it and go up to level three. Take the radio and return to level five. Use the radio to open the screen, then take the stop spell and use it to freeze the birds in the room to the left of the hungry dog. On subsequent visits to this room you will find that they have disappeared altogether.

Go up to level one and get the bone, take it down to the dog - who goes by the name of Fido and he will give you the letters ME in return. Take the letters up to level one and drop them on the teleporter pad on the roof. Take the gold coin from level six and give it to the King at the far side of level five.

He gives you the letters GO in return: Take them up to the teleporter pad and leave them with ME. Incidentally, in the room to the right of the King, the food - which looks to me like an ice cream sundae - has the same very useful effect as the chicken mentioned earlier: It restores your energy to maximum. Take the skin cream from level three and give it to the Revolting Hag at the far side of level eight. She will reward you with a move spell.

Go up to level one and on to the roof. Go to the far right-hand side and use the move spell. The flat-headed creature flying backwards and forwards across a gap in the middle of the screen will jump upwards and move back and forth across the length of the screen. Do not move off this screen or the creature will revert to its original position and you will be left without any means of raising it.

Stand on it's head and jump off when it reaches the right-hand wall. Collect the freedom key from the right-hand end of the roof and give it to the Trapped Maiden. She will reward you with the letters HO, which you should take to the teleport pad. Go down to the main section of level one and take the stool, then go down to level three.

Climb the beanstalk and head left. You will come to a crown hidden behind a wall. Jump over the wall and take it then use the stool to jump back out. Take the crown to the Queen, who will give you a Strange Box in return. Go to the teleporter and use it to activate the teleporter which transports you home.