In This Issue

By Dave E

Originally published in EUG #74

A new EUG on New Year's Eve. That's what you call squeezing one out at the very last moment...!


There's a bit of a dearth of articles this issue but we do have the usual Retrospective on 2011 and a few hints, tips and cheats from "Elk Entertainment".


So many people are now writing demos for the BBC and Electron that we're struggling to keep up. Giggle at Explosm.Net's Back In The Day Demo and the Organ Grinder's Monkey's Yo Mama Demo, marvel at the mathematics of the Juggle Demo and watch vectors at work in the Turkey Flag Demo. If you've got a BBC Master 128, you'll also like the third of our Tom Walker remixes - the theme tune to Pacmania (for the Atari ST) brought to the Beeb!


We've got a whole host of reviews of some of the goodies Retro Software has released this year and all of its free ones are included on the companion disc. So why not check out the incredible Jungle Journey (Electron version only) or the perplexing Mazezam (Electron version only). Don't forget our coup this issue too - the unreleased Brian Lewis game Pheenix. We've also squeezed one of Michael Brown's rediscovered, unreleased games for the BBC Micro onto the disc too - Dingbat.


When it comes to Electron games, there are few people with as much to say as Dave E. Restricting himself to one minute for the Acorn Electron TV channel has taken its toll - so he's back here with ten new reviews of a cross-section of BBC and Electron software. Warning: Includes three of the worst games ever released - Q-Bix, Tarzan and The Living Body.


The Classic Adventure Solutions Archive (CASA) does most of the work for us here, rounding up the BBC/Electron adventures we could never solve - then we just steal them and add them to our Game Help! And why not indeed? No guarantee that CASA will be around forever, is there?


Not more HedKandi art, surely? The last one, we promise. And an 8-bit version of a rather seductive Atari-loving young lady. As usual, ported to the Electron with Francis Loch's amazing Image2BBC utility.