Starship Quest

By Barbara Gibb

Originally published in EUG #74

Part 1. The Abandoned World

Start in the Main Control Room of the Stellar Queen. S, S, E (equipment store-room), EXAM LOCKER, TAKE FLASHLIGHT, EXAM RACK, TAKE MASK (with oxygen bottle), W, N (north end of corridor - see a door to the west), PRESS HAND (onto panel), SAY MIKE ERLIN (into microphone - door opens), ENTER DOOR (now in the lifeboat bay), PRESS BUTTON (to open door to lifeboat), CLIMB STEPS, PRESS BUTTON (to close door), SIT DOWN (in pilot's couch), WEAR HARNESS, PRESS A (button to launch lifeboat). It lands on the nearest safe planet.

I (should have flashlight, stungun, face mask with oxygen bottle, uniform (worn), and 2 discs).

DROP STUNGUN (not needed), EXAM RACK, TAKE BLASTER, REMOVE HARNESS, GET UP, PRESS BUTTON, ENTER DOOR (now in a derelict playground), S, IN (now inside domed building), FLASHLIGHT ON, LOOK DOWN (shaft), EXAM SHAFT, CLIMB RAIL, D, S (platform - see a map, tube car and door), EXAM MAP (you are at the station depicted by the tree symbol), ENTER CAR, ENTER CUBICLE (see a dead power cell), EXAM DEAD cell (connected by two wires), DISCONNECT WIRES, TAKE DEAD cell, OUT, OUT, ENTER DOOR (now in a store-room), EXAM JUNK (find a charged power cell), DROP DEAD cell, TAKE CHARGED cell, OUT, ENTER CAR, ENTER CUBICLE, DROP CHARGED cell, CONNECT WIRES, OUT, PRESS BUTTON (the car travels forward, then stops at a platform), OUT (this is the station depicted by the building symbol), EXAM PLATFORM, TAKE KEY, ENTER CAR, ENTER CUBICLE, REVERSE WIRES, OUT, PRESS BUTTON (car goes backwards, then stops), PRESS BUTTON (car goes backwards again, then stops), OUT (now at the station depicted by the spaceship symbol), S, EXAM SHAFT, LOOK UP, JUMP, UP, OUT, (now in a spaceport), FLASHLIGHT OFF.

W (by wreck of spaceship - see a helmet), TAKE HELMET, E, S, LOOK UNDER (spaceship - see a bottle), TAKE BOTTLE, EXAM BOTTLE (contains an oily liquid), E, S (by space jeep), EXAM GROUND (see a knob), PUSH KNOB (a metal pillar rises from the ground), EXAM PILLAR, INSERT KEY, TURN KEY, DROP KEY, OIL LEVER (need bottle), PULL LEVER (tube appears), TAKE TUBE, EXAM TUBE, EXAM JEEP (see a recessed flap), OPEN FLAP, SCREW VALVE (onto spigot), TURN LEVER (to refuel space jeep), U, ENTER AIRLOCK, PRESS BUTTON (to close outer door), EXIT AIRLOCK, PRESS BUTTON (to close inner door), SIT DOWN (in pilot's seat), WEAR HELMET, EXAM PANEL (see two buttons and a slot), INSERT DISC, PRESS POWER button, PRESS LAUNCH button (the jeep takes off and eventually lands), GET UP, PRESS BUTTON, ENTER AIRLOCK, PRESS BUTTON, EXIT AIRLOCK, D (to deserted spaceport - not on Fathnar!). End of part one.

Part 2. Marooned


I (should have flashlight, face mask with oxygen bottle, uniform (worn), blaster, 1 disc and a plastic bottle).

W (by pile of rubble), CLIMB RUBBLE (now by window), ENTER WINDOW (now in store-room - ignore the plank), EXAM DEBRIS, TAKE CLIP (of ammunition), EXAM CLIP, OUT, D, S, E (by ditch), EXAM DITCH (wide and deep), LOOK ACROSS (see a tree on far side), FIRE BLASTER (so tree falls to form a bridge across the ditch), E, CROSS TREE, S, E (dirt path), N, N, E (a bearion is coming towards you), DODGE BEARION (okay, but it is coming towards you again), FIRE BLASTER (to kill it), DROP BLASTER. Timing is important in the next section. E (you are captured, knocked unconscious and locked in a native hut), I (note you still have the clip of ammunition and the fact that a native is keeping an eye on you), EXAM DOOR, LOOK UP (see a beam), WAIT, WAIT (native checks on you, and the sun is starting to set), WAIT, WAIT, WAIT, JUMP (guard peers through the window, doesn't see you and so opens the door and enters the hut).

JUMP (onto guard, who is killed), TAKE SPEAR, ENTER DOOR, N (now crouched in shadows behind a hut), LOOK AROUND (see natives, note fire), THROW CLIP (into fire), W (see your possessions), TAKE FLASHLIGHT, TAKE MASK, TAKE BOTTLE, TAKE blazing TORCH, E, E, E, S (to edge of marshland), WEAR MASK (as protection), E, E, CLIMB BANK (hear natives chasing you), THROW blazing TORCH (to ignite the marsh), REMOVE MASK, DROP MASK, N (dark), FLASHLIGHT ON, E, E, N (see a gap in the bushes), ENTER GAP (now in a small cave), SLEEP. End of part two.

Part 3. The Last Starship


I (should have flashlight, uniform (worn), 1 disc, plastic bottle and spear). You awake in the cave. GET UP, OUT, S (hear voices), LOOK AROUND (see five natives sitting around a campfire on the other side of the bushes - do not approach them), E, N (hear a fierce roar behind you and a tigerilla leaps towards you), DUCK (so it falls to its death), LOOK DOWN, S, S (see some flowers), PICK FLOWERS, EXAM FLOWERS (look nice, but smell awful), (S (bend in river), EXAM RIVER (see two large flat stones in river), W, EXAM PATH, TAKE PADDLE, E, JUMP S (onto first stone), JUMP S (to second stone), VAULT RIVER (need paddle, now on south bank of river), W (see odd-looking plant), RUB FLOWERS (over your uniform), W (passed plant), U, U (top of hill - see a rope bridge), W (a wall of fire bars you way to the north), N (it was an illusion), U (a veil of energy bars your way), ENTER VEIL (you are met by the guardian, note what he says - now back on other side of "wall of fire").

E, D, D, E, E, VAULT RIVER (need paddle), JUMP N, JUMP N, N, N, W (woodland path with bushes on each side), LOOK AROUND (see the natives have left the clearing), ENTER BUSHES (to enter clearing), EXAM CLEARING (see a machete left by one of the natives), TAKE MACHETE, ENTER BUSHES (to leave clearing), CUT BUSHES (need machete, now have some dry brushwood), TAKE BRUSHWOOD, E, N (top of waterfall - see a tree), EXAM TREE, CUT VINES, TAKE VINES, KNOT VINES (to form a rope), TIE VINES (you tie one end to the tree, the other hangs down the cliff), CLIMB VINES (to bottom of cliff where you see the dead tigerilla), SKIN TIGER (need machete), TAKE SKIN, WRAP BRUSHWOOD (in skin), ENTER WATERFALL (brushwood stays dry if wrapped in skin), D (dark), FLASHLIGHT ON (you see you are in a tunnel), S (see two skeletons), EXAM SKELETONS (find a plaited rope), TAKE ROPE, E (large boulder blocks the way south), EXAM BOULDER (has a big crack in it and remains of a fire at the base - a clue), EXAM GROUND (see a piece of flint), TAKE FLINT, UNWRAP BRUSHWOOD, SPREAD BRUSHWOOD (underneath the boulder), LIGHT BRUSH (need flint), THROW BOTTLE (the oil ignites, increasing the heat of the fire), DROP FLINT, EXAM BOULDER (still intact), TAKE SKIN, W, N, U, ENTER WATERFALL, CLIMB VINES, S, W, N (back at bushes), CUT BUSHES, DROP MACHETE, TAKE BRUSHWOOD, WRAP BRUSHWOOD, S, E, N, CLIMB VINES, ENTER WATERFALL, D, S, E (back at boulder), UNWRAP BRUSHWOOD, SPREAD BRUSHWOOD, WAIT (boulder cracks into fragments), EXAM FRAGMENTS (see a large crystal), TAKE CRYSTAL, S, S, TIE plaited ROPE (to spear), THROW SPEAR (through hole), CLIMB ROPE, U, W, S, S (into chamber), PLACE CRYSTAL (on top of column), SAY JAELINE (now see a Crystal Power Matrix), TAKE MATRIX. N, E, N, OUT, JUMP, N, N, W, N, U, ENTER WATERFALL, CLIMB VINES, S, S, PICK FLOWERS, S, JUMP, JUMP S, VAULT RIVER, DROP PADDLE, W, RUB FLOWERS, W, U, U, W, N, U, ENTER VEIL (guardian comes to meet you), GIVE MATRIX (now near the Last Starship of the Galaxans), W, U, U (centre of starship), INSERT MATRIX (starship starts to throb with power), SIT DOWN (in padded chair), PULL BOWL (over head), EXAM CHAIR, INSERT DISC (starship takes off).