By Robert Sprowson

Originally published in EUG #36

This file describes the program OSWDTCT which makes several OS calls to your version of the Operating System, and additional ROMs, to see if you have suitable hard- and software to allow the DOOMSDAY ROM to be used.

The DOOMSDAY ROM extends the date range of 8bit Acorns from 1900-1999 to the year 1800-2199, and also adds several useful *commands.


At the BASIC prompt, if not calling from the EUG Utilities Menu, type:


The program will then report back to you which OS calls you have available, which it needs to run. Plus an overall opinion whether DOOMSDAY will function or not in your machine.

Exit Messages

Doomsday is suitable for your machine -the calls required are supported
Doomsday is unsuitable for your machine -the calls required are not supported
Doomsday is only suitable for 8 bit machines -only 6502-based machines will run DOOMSDAY

Known Problems/Future Enhancements

No known problems.


v1.00  Original submitted to 8 Bit Software, EUG and Acorn User magazines
v1.05  Check for machine ID so that 32bit Acorns are rejected

Manual And Software (C) 1997 SPROW
First published EUG #35