Digital Camera

By Del Williams

Originally published in EUG #36

Many thanks for EUG #35 which I always look forward to. I notice that I'm getting pretty thin on the credit side so I enclose a tenner for a few more issues.

Nothing much to report this time around unless someone out there has a few hints or tips on processing digital images. I have now attempted to get passable results on my Canon 4000 inkjet (using C.C.'s Turbo Driver) from the JPEGs generated by my Sanyo digital camera and from a Kodak photo-CD. With my new setup of an A7000+ and a 15" Iiyama monitor, the results on screen are cracking, and are obtained from either the Spacetex or Irlam transfer software and Kodak's Photoview.

However, there is a very limited amount of tweaks available built into these packages and I have had to rely on Change FSI to pre-tweak any variables before printing. After hours and hours of trial and error, I still cannot get satisfactory results, especially colour-wise, so any help, tips or advice on possible software packages would be gratefully received.

I'm not sure whether I should be troubling EUG readers with such non-Elk problems but I'm sure there must be many, like me, who have moved on to pastures new, though still retaining an interest in the Elk.

Del Williams

Personally I'm quite interested in your digital camera. Wouldn't mind having one myself when I can eventually afford it.

I did ask some people I was working with who seemed to have some experience with some of the problems you seem to be having. They couldn't offer much advice except that you could try the internet, either accessing the web page for the company who made the camera or by putting a request out on one of the chat pages.

One day when I have paid off the telephone bill, the car bill, the overdraft, the new roof, the mortgage and perhaps the wife, I really must get around to getting connected to the internet.

Gus Donnachaidh, EUG #36