The End Is Nigh

By Robert Sprowson

Originally published in EUG #36

It may of interest to note that Doomsday (as detailed on my web page) is now at v1.13 and, as well as a printed manual, I've added another handy command: *LIB (with no parameters) shows the currently selected library.

The newer version also adds some enhancements to the commands as well as internal improvements that you can't actually see - but believe me, they're there!

Doomsday, in case you've been in a dark box for the last eight months, fixes the year 2000 problem on the 8 bit range of machines such as the Master.

The date range is extended to 1800 to 2199 instead, giving you another few hundred years to play with - and also has some additional handy *commands to boot!

I've been doing much work on PIC single chip microprocessors and have developed an assembler for the Acorn range which is also on my web page:

Acorn themselves are busy working on the second RISC PC which is to have multiple StrongArm processors, in a similar manner to a 2nd processor for your Beeb.

I shall endeavour to finish the mouse software that I keep sending to EUG and I've also got some other new hardware projects for you up my sleeve.

There just aren't enough hours in a day!

Robert Sprowson, EUG #36