Shipwrecked 2 Jupiter 3

By Dominic Ford

Originally published in EUG #36

Follow these steps to complete JUPITER III. If you are feeling really lazy and want to complete the game without playing it at all, the end of game code to see the congratulatory message is 5426. It may help to use a copy of the map which you can print out with the utility present on this disk. If you look at it, you will see it is clearly divided into three sections: left, central and right. Within this solution, the following place names are referred to:

Control disk .. Left block of the map.
Tourist disk..Central block of the map.
Docking bay ..Right block of the map.
Your ship ..The small area in which you start (with gravity).
Alien ship ..The other ship in the docking bay, directly above yours.
Service Area..The zero-gravity area at the top of the map.
Navigation ..Area at the far left of the map.

At the start of the game, you are in your own ship, which, on the printed map, is just above the bottom right corner.

  1. From the start, go into the alien ship and collect the crowbar.
  2. Take the crowbar to the weak door on your left, and hack your way into JUPITER III.
  3. Collect the security identification badge.
  4. Use the badge to get past the security guard in front of the air lock, and collect the white pass from behind him.
  5. Return to the docking bay and get the TNT from behind the white door. If you need to, use the powerup to refill your power.
  6. Use the TNT to blow up the weak wall and get the purple pass from behind it, leaving the white pass in its place.
  7. Return to the docking bay again and collect the up arrow from behind the purple door.
  8. Go to the lift and use the up arrow to go up.
  9. Collect the steps from the service area above the lift and then drop it just above the floor of the lift. Then collect the down arrow and take this to the lift. Use it to go down.
  10. Go up to the top left of the tourist disk and use the steps to get up the high wall.
  11. Collect the cyan pass from above the high wall so that you have the purple and cyan passes.
  12. Return to the air lock and get the space suit from the zero gravity are using the purple pass.
  13. Leaving the purple pass around the air lock area, leave with the cyan pass and the space suit.
  14. Go to the air lock on the left of the tourist disk, and leave into space.
  15. Float down and left until you enter the control disk through a cyan door.
  16. Leave the space suit in a convenient place and go left until you find a tetris block.
  17. Use this to complete the tetris puzzle at the top-right of the control disk and then use the cyan pass to go up into the service area. Get the yellow pass here.
  18. Go back to the space suit, and swap it for the cyan key.
  19. Go to the top right corner of the control disk, and return to the tourist disk with the space suit, via the yellow door in the service area.
  20. Go to the right air lock, and drop the space suit and yellow pass here.
  21. Collect the purple pass (which you left around here).
  22. Go into the docking bay and collect the cup using the purple pass.
  23. Return to the right air lock, and collect the yellow pass.
  24. Take the space suit outside into the zero-gravity area outside the ship, but not right outside into space (the black area).
  25. Drop the suit here, and return into the tourist disk. Do the same with the cup.
  26. Then drop the yellow pass outside the ship and collect the cup and space suit. Go right out into space, and float down.
  27. Enter the fuel tanks to your right and fill the cup with fuel.
  28. Then return back to the tourist disk. Remember that you must be wearing the space suit before entering space itself.
  29. Take all of the objects inside behind the yellow door.
  30. Leave the suit and take the yellow pass and cup of fuel.
  31. Go to the kitchen with the flaming pipes and light the cup of fuel.
  32. Enter the control disk via the yellow door in the service area and swap the yellow key for the cyan key.
  33. Go to the computer room (via the tetris puzzle), and then on into the control room to the left of that.
  34. Use the cup of fuel to blow up the weak door into the control room.
  35. Collect the commander's badge, and then return to where you left the yellow pass.
  36. Swap the cyan pass for the yellow pass, and return to the tourist disk via the service area.
  37. Head down to the dining room, and use the badge to get to the commander's seat. Get the key which is left there.
  38. Return to the control disk and leave the yellow pass.
  39. Collect the cyan pass and go up to the control room.
  40. Use the key here to get the green pass.
  41. Leaving the cyan pass behind, use the green pass to enter the navigation area.
  42. Go up into the service area here and get the ladder repair.
  43. Use the ladder repair to complete the ladder to the left of the acid container in the bottom left corner of the control disk.
  44. Collect the acid and return to the navigation area with it.
  45. Use it to kill the alien below the entrance, and get the red pass from behind it.
  46. Go to the hospital (with the red cross box) and use the red pass to get the syringe.
  47. Swap the red pass for the yellow pass, and return to the tourist disc.
  48. Go to the right air lock, and fill the syringe with fuel (using the same procedure as that used with the cup).
  49. Light the syringe of fuel in the kitchen, and it will explode. The handle will fly up and hit the underside of the alien above it.
  50. Collect the blue pass from behind where the alien was, leaving the yellow pass where the blue pass was.
  51. Return to your ship and use the blue pass to get the "Orbit Mars" computer disk.
  52. Take this all the way to the control room, using the blue pass to get from the tourist disk to the control disk via the service area.
  53. Drop the computer disk at the front of the room to return JUPITER III to an orbit of Mars.
  54. Use the blue key to get the "To Earth" disk, and take this to your ship. Drop this in the place of the "Orbit Mars" disk, and the game is complete!

Dominic Ford, EUG #36