In This Issue

By Dave E

Originally published in EUG #10


Configure the EUG disk to your own preference, listen to Will's grumbles about the time it takes to prepare EUG, view this page of contents and, before you go, have a look at the last bit.


Adapted Unlocker
Howard Guppy's tape file Unlocker is improved to make it 64K Electron compatible.

David Humphreys invites us to manufacture a curious piece of hardware, wire it to our Electron and measure the conductivity of all the household instruments we can find!

Mode 0 Screen Dump
An Epson-compatible screen dump so you can print out the EUG title screen on this type of printer.

Using Assembler Part Seven Demos
Working copies of Roy Warner's simple (!) machine code demonstrations.


"Elk Entertainment"
Christian Weber with the latest game solutions and cheats.

Using Assembler Part Seven
After a brief absence (not related to the criticism of the old title, we hope!), Roy Warner returns to teach readers more about that tool of the professionals - assembly language.

John Crane reports on a disk of text that may interest Elk users.


Derek Walker reviews Click, a brand new product from Slogger's Bill Bradbury.


Nine of your letters in the last special sub-menu.