Sim City Sorted

By Alan Davies

Originally published in EUG #10

I got a reply from Superior Software re: Sim City. The new version runs okay when the Slogger RAM Board in in 32K mode. Thanks for the help you gave anyway. Talking of Turbo Drivers (Who was?), have you ever tried Frenzy in Turbo Mode? It's brilliant! The latter stages are hilarious and, to me at least, virtually unplayable!

A big 'Ta!' to Chris Chadwick [See EUG #9 - Will]. I'm off to the Pole (Wife says I'm already up it!) so will take my Elk with me to test his theory...

    It must be said, Will old chap,
    The EUG mag is not no-way crap.
    I read it all, though not too sure,
    Of much that's said on the technical score.
    It's like a friend who comes to call,
    But visits rarely or not at all.
    And so my paltry subs I pay,
    With a gladdened heart, I'm pleased to say.
    Keep on truckin' rollin' on,
    Of all your fans I will be one! (Ugh!)

Nine out of ten for Yie Ar Kung Fu?! No way, more like three! Paperboy in Turbo mode keeps delivering to the wrong address!

Alan Davies
Higher Irlam, Greater Manchester

Congratulations on becoming a grandfather recently, Alan!

Will Watts, EUG #10