New Text File Disk

By John Crane

Originally published in EUG #10

Whilst browsing through a copy of Acorn User, I came across a letter from a Mr Hadekel. Briefly, he said he'd compiled a disk for the 8-bit Acorns and was selling copies of it on ADFS 3.5"/5.25" for £14.50. I wrote to him to find out what was on it and its suitability and he has given me persmission to reproduce his contents list, with some comments on its suitability, in EUG.

TEXT1 Introduction
Chapter 1 - Numeration Systems
Chapter 2 - Nim
Chapter 3 - Progam RPN (Scientific/General Purpose Calculator)
Chapter 4 - A digression on Ciphers and Codes in general
TEXT2 Chapter 5 - Cipher Programs
TEXT3 Chapter 6 - Sorting and Searching Routines
Chapter 7 - Handling, Sorting and Merging of Strings
TEXT4 Chapter 8 - Index Programs (Address/Telephone Book, etc)
TEXT5 Chapter 8 - Continued. Note that some parts of this are not suitable for the Elk.
TEXT6 Chapter 9 - Working with BASIC 128. Not Elk.
Chapter 10 - Notes on Programming Techniques.
Chapter 11 - Light on a few dark corners
Chapter 12 - Aspects of Word Processing
Chapter 13 - Scripto
Appendix - The strategy for Nim

The majority of the items on the disk should run on the Electron except where outlined. Obviously, you need ADFS. The disk can also be used in conjunction with a word processor. However, if you haven't got one, it will run without via the *TYPE command (Pres' AP2 or ADT incorporate it).

Note that Mr Hadekel is not very familiar with the Elk so perhaps a member with both an Elk and BBC (Master or BBC B) might be willing to note exactly how compatible each program is. Scope for a future article perhaps?

John Crane
EUG #10