!BOOTing View

By Derek Walker

Originally published in EUG #10

To carry on from Christopher Chadwick's insights (EUG #9) into making View a friendlier piece of software, I enclose my DFS !BOOT file. It can of course be altered to suit your own needs (i.e ADFS by loading it into View, editing and then saving). Below is a listing with a few comments to explain what is happening.

      *TV0,1     ........../ Stops screen flicker/turns off interlacing.
      *FX228,1   ........../ Allows the function keys to be programmed.
      *FX202,48  ........../ Switches off CAPS LOCK.
      *KEY 0 "*DRIVE 0|M*CAT|M*FREE|M"
      *KEY 1 "*DRIVE 1|M*CAT|M*FREE|M"
      *KEY 2 "*DRIVE 2|M*CAT|M*FREE|M"
      *KEY 3 "*DRIVE 3|M*CAT|M*FREE|M"
      *KEY 4 "*ACCESS *.* L|M"
      *KEY 5 "*ACCESS *.*|M"
      *KEY 6 "SHEETS|M" ............ / Can be changed to PRINT
      *KEY 7 "COUNT|M"
      *KEY 8 "|S|A|G| | | |M|S| |D| | |@|M" / White on blue.
      *KEY 9 "|S|A|P| | | |M|S| |G| | |@|M" / Black on white.
      MODE128     ..../ Mode 0 shadow on - compatible BBC B+ etc.
      SETUP FI    ..../ Sets Justification OFF & Formatting & Insert ON.
      PRINTER FX105 ../ LOADs printer driver assuming its on the disk.
      NEW         ..../ Clear screen and set ruler to 80 column.
To set up green text, black background change either *KEY 8/9 to:
      "|S|A|B| | | |M|S|@|@|@|@|@|M"
Don't forget to set the auto !BOOT option with *OPT 4 3.

Derek Walker
Bishopbriggs, Glasgow