Elk Entertainment 08

By Christian Weber

Originally published in EUG #10

Firstly, I would like to congratulate David Humpreys on winning both The Count and Ten Little Indians for his complete solution to Spycat which I will begin serialising this very issue of EUG, along with the continuing solution to Elixir, the start of the Pipeline character and mission generators and a few more cheats for some "Golden Oldie" games.

However, over the past issues I have noticed that there seems to be a severe lack of games cheats, solutions and general problems being sent in to Will for me to include in my articles. Anyway, this got me wondering if the "Send stuff to Will so that he can pass it on" method was really all that necessary, and if this was putting people off sending stuff in. So, to make life easier for Will, I think that it's about time that everything game-related is sent directly to me! If you do have a problem, some cheat routine or anything else of interest then send it directly to me!

Please enclose an SAE otherwise I can't guarantee a reply! If your cheat routine is particulary long then send them either on tape or ADFS 3.5" disks. Again enclose an SAE for me to return them to you.

Elixir Part 3, Superior/Acornsoft

Climb up the string in this room. Now go left and get the magnet. On this platform there is a kind of flower pot. Jump over this and then jump left. You will be able to grab the string. Go down the string. Now fall onto the bunsen burner and get the tablet from out of this room. Now go right to the place where you got covered in oil and go down the string in this room. Go left and left again (past the lipstick missiles) and you will now be in a room where there are flash bulbs shooting. Jump onto all the cases (travel left) and in the next screen there is a piece of thread. Jump onto this thread.

Go up it. Now go right and collect the acid plaster and go right so that you will be able to get the tablet from the room which contains the lipstick missiles. Now go back right and go up the piece of string that is in this room. The magnet will stop the iron pills from getting you. Now get the pill from out of this room.

Now go left after you have done that. Jump over all the objects and get the pill. Then go to the bottom of this screen on the bottom platform and fall off it going left. If you did this just right you will be able to get the pill and go left and now make your way down to the bottom of the screen. More next time.

Spycat Part 1, Superior/Acornsoft

Spycat, that fabulous Superior Software and Blue Ribbon release, is a most infuriating game, due to the fact that no instructions are given on the cassette insert! I spent many hours just moving around the screens, unable to even pass the "THRU" door! Anyway, to relieve the pain of ripped-out hair, here is part one of the complete solution:

First of all, go to the Ministry, and collect Thru Pass 2, the UK Passport (found in the library), and Sidepass 1. Then put these down in a convenient place, and pick up Sidepass 2 and Sidepass 4. Go back to the Ministry, and go as far as you can without entering doors. Stand in the middle of the pad there, select Sidepass 4 and the "Use" icon and open the sideroom. Pick up the Oxygen Tank and enter the first room you come to (marked "Q"). Do the same thing with Sidepass 4, and collect Thru Pass 1. Stand on the pad and use the Spectrum Z88. This will turn into the Disguise.

Go to the first "THRU" door. Activate ("Use") THRU PASS 1. Put down the Oxygen Tank and the Disguise, and then go into storage. Collect the Spy Report by standing on the pad in front of the door. Carry on to the end and go through into the Ussr Embassy. Collect the USSR Secrets and activate the Spy Report and the USSR Secrets. They will turn into the Space Permit and Research X respectively. Go to the library ("The Ministry"), stand on the pad and activate Research X. You have now got your first research document! More next time.


Kamakazi, A&F - Extra Lives

For extra lives on this Space Invaders clone:

Load the game as normal, and press BREAK. Type:

      >LIST 145

You lives are held in the variable ?B. Change this to whatever you want and type RUN to continue.

Percy Penguin, Superior - Choose Starting Level

To start on the level of your choice with extra lives;
Begin loading as normal. When the file "PERCY3" has finished loading, press ESCAPE. Ignore the "Bad Program" message and type:

      >141?&B09=X:?&B3F=y:REM x=lives. y=level

The rest of the game will now load with these modifications. Do not choose a large number otherwise the screen will be corrupted.

Positron, Micro Power - Extra Lives

For extra lives on this other Space Invaders clone:

      >*LOAD POSI1
      >?&485D=x:REM x=lives 

That's your lot for this issue! Keep playing those games!!

Christian Weber, EUG #10